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Lee and his associate Ann Bertorelli have developed a program for developing team effectiveness that has helped more than 100 individuals in several different organizations.

Often, he works with teams over a 7 month period, long enough to lock in new behaviors, and achieving results that impact an organization’s culture and bottom line. The program includes readings, experiential activities, discussion and relentless follow up. A testament to the effectiveness of the program is that it is requested over and over again at different levels with client organizations.

More modest team interventions are also possible — task force kickoffs, team problem solving sessions and management meeting breakouts can address more limited objectives, appropriate to the shorter timeframes.

Lee Smedley founded Smedley Consulting in 1996 to bring Fortune 500 Organizational Development talent to non-profits, small and medium sized companies. Through presentations, facilitation and coaching, Lee and his associates have helped organizations achieve organizational alignment, attain challenging business goals, and develop new leaders.