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Custom Programming

Smedley Consulting’s custom programming address your organization’s unique challenges directly.

Custom programming may be as simple as bringing together elements of Smedley Consulting’s existing programs. Or, it may be a much more extensive, from-the-ground-up approach.

Steps might include:

  • Needs analysis and management interviews
  • Focus on specific outcomes for your organization
  • Scheduling and design within your time and resource restraints
  • Custom design of materials and learning experiences
  • Integration with other major initiatives in your organization
  • On site observation, coaching and feedback to confirm the desired results

Examples of custom programming:

  • Keynote presentations addressing specific topics unique to your organization
  • Action learning approaches that integrate learning with action addressing a key business priority
  • Large scale organizational change initiatives
  • Interdepartmental summits and group problem solving sessions
  • Original musical compositions

Lee Smedley founded Smedley Consulting in 1996 to bring Fortune 500 Organizational Development talent to non-profits, small and medium sized companies. Through presentations, facilitation and coaching, Lee and his associates have helped organizations achieve organizational alignment, attain challenging business goals, and develop new leaders.