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We help organizations forge new paths.


The vast majority of large-scale change initiatives fail. That’s because leaders do not take culture and the predictable human needs in times of change into account.

Lee Smedley and his associates can help you design change initiatives that address this human dimension proactively and productively.

Working with executives and other leaders in organizations, Lee helps them:

  • Identify their organization’s capacity for change
  • Involve others early in the change process to create a broader sense of ownership
  • Explain reasons for and benefits of the change in terms that make sense to those directly impacted by the change itself
  • Charter and coach teams that will ensure practical, hands-on credibility for the change

Results achieved by Smedley Consulting clients managing change have included:

  • National ranking in customer service
  • Improved employee survey results
  • Hundreds of thousands $ saved in scores of local retail outlets

Lee Smedley founded Smedley Consulting in 1996 to bring Fortune 500 Organizational Development talent to non-profits, small and medium sized companies. Through presentations, facilitation and coaching, Lee and his associates have helped organizations achieve organizational alignment, attain challenging business goals, and develop new leaders.