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We help organizations forge new paths.


It is our mission to help individuals and organizations clarify purpose, engage other people in creating lasting results, and contribute to progress in our society.


  • People are the wellspring of strategic advantage
  • Purpose gives meaning to personal and organizational life
  • Progress in society is achieved as we pursue our highest purpose

Operating Principles

Lee Smedley takes a distinctive and effective approach to organizational development. Based on his 25 years in education, business management and corporate leadership, Lee has developed an exceptional method of helping organizations discover and assume their rightful place and purpose in the world.

Lee is about people.

He’s about understanding what motivates them, exploring their unique talents and gifts, and unleashing individual and organizational potential. One-on-one, in a team environment or with whole organizations, Lee helps people savor differences and value one another so they can be more effective. Lee’s personal style and genuine capacity to care for others place him among the most sought-after consultants.

Lee is about purpose.

The moment a leader conceives a vision, an organization’s purpose begins. Lee helps people at all levels understand, contribute to and embrace that purpose. He believes strongly that shared purpose leads to shared success. Only when people understand the reason an organization exists can they take ownership and responsibility to achieve its vision.

Lee is about possibilities.

He doesn’t encourage people to think outside the box — he completely removes the box so people can explore all possibilities. Then, he helps organizations channel those possibilities into realistic, attainable priorities. Lee’s greatest virtue is his ability to see the big picture and steadily bring it into focus for others.

Lee is about progress.

He transfers potential into reality. Whether he spends a week, a month or a year with an organization, he achieves the desired results. Lee brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, tenacity and professional experience in all aspects of organizational development, cutting-edge leadership, coaching, strategic planning and team building.

Lee’s approach is personal.

His approach to consulting is an outgrowth of his personal philosophy. He believes people deserve work that is rewarding. He uses his special talents and abilities to help them discover joy and fulfillment in what they do. In the end, his clients consistently experience the value of that discovery.

Lee Smedley founded Smedley Consulting in 1996 to bring Fortune 500 Organizational Development talent to non-profits, small and medium sized companies. Through presentations, facilitation and coaching, Lee and his associates have helped organizations achieve organizational alignment, attain challenging business goals, and develop new leaders.